Welcome to Side Hustle Games, this is the house that Hustle built!

We have a selection of apps in development ranging from cool tech demos to straight up games.

All designed to get you thinking and moving and sometimes just playing for the hell of it. These are projects and games we want players to help us shape and mould.

So, here’s one of our first with many more to follow!

ZOMBALL is a fast-paced action game where you throw sports balls at zombies in a post-apocalyptic world. As you progress, you’ll face increasingly challenging levels of zombies and undead foes. The game is not a horror game and is suitable for all ages. It’s also a great workout, providing an exciting and engaging way to get physical activity. In the final release, the game will have multiplayer, allowing you to team up with friends and family to take on the zombie hordes together. BASEBALL SOON

Welcome to the ZOMBALL, a fast-paced throwing game that pits you against the walking dead. Takedown hordes of zombies and save your precious fans from a fate worse than death!

Hone your throwing skills over multiple levels of zombie mayhem, clear each level of the undead and make sure your fans stay safe!

Blokx Side Hustle Games
Bloxz Game Cove Side Hustle Games

Deflection is the name of the game! Dare you take on the Impossible stack? Blokz is part Wall tennis / Squash / Padel / Pickleball, and part retro Breakout Block puzzle! Inspired by some true retro classics… it’s an original game all of its own.

Clear the level of all Blokz in the fastest time possible to reach the top of the leader board to be the Blokz champion. 45 initial levels increasing in difficulty. Try the 3 different ball sizes of the metal space balls. 30 Levels for the CASUAL to Advanced player which then unlock 15 LEGEND levels. Change the Ball size and modifiers to get super high scores! What you waiting for? Jump into the space ship environment for a quick blast and become a BLOKZ LEGEND!